Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Fourth of July Birthday Dad Graham

Emerson Charles Graham, born on the Fourth of July, loved this country.  He served this country, flying his P-47 in the South Pacific Theater.  
He received a telegram in December 1944 announcing my birth.  Dad christened his cockpit--no Betty Grable for this fierce family patriot.  
When he returned from the War he hoisted me on his shoulders.  What a great perch!
Dad never lost his taste for adventure.  Here we are during an annual family Fourth of July celebration navigating the churning rapids on the Youghiogheny River, in Western Pennsylvania.  That's Dad in the stern commanding us to "Crab left."
 Two years after his death, we made a memorial pilgrimage to the river.  Without our pilot we failed to crab at the appropriate time and smashed headlong into the wall at Dimple Rock.  Our raft capsized.  We lost our paddles, our shoes and spent two hours floundering in the chilly waters before crawling ashore to safety.
 Thanks to Heide Oberheide who gave us this beautiful painting.  And happy birthday to dear friend Frances Zigmont.
Love from your daughter Lynda who was blessed to have such a special Dad who minded his independence